The Chris Brown and Rihanna fiasco was (is) an extremely infamous incident that portrayed a perfect example of male nonverbal aggression. The fight involved Chris Brown physically choking and punching Rihanna (his girlfriend) because he was angry. His actions exemplify the concept that men tend to be nonverbally aggressive because they are usually taught to assert themselves (Gamble, p. 94). Chris Brown’s stepfather used to beat his mother, so despite his earlier claims that he would never do the same thing, his learned form of aggression came to the surface during his fight with Rihanna. The fact that men have more external anger feeds into the stereotype that women are submissive and men are dominating. Because of the world we live in where celebrities are constantly trying to break the mold of traditional gender roles, this fight between Chris Brown and Rihanna was a particularly popular subject in the media.

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CNN story about Rihanna and Chris Brown