Men and women form friendships in different ways and for different reasons. Women tend to build friendships in order to confide in one another and have someone to talk to. Men, on the other hand, often express emotional closeness to a friend through by doing things with that person. They use action-oriented behavior to express their closeness and connection to other men (Gamble, p. 151). Because of the fact that activities are the center of most male friendships, these friendships have been named “chumships.” This term differentiate these kind of friendship standards from the ones that are usually thought of with a friendship.

The movie I Love You Man is about a man who is trying to find someone to be his best man in his upcoming wedding. This whole movie is about what means for men to have/form close relationships with each other. The idea of a “man date” is when two men go to do something together.This goes along with the notion that women talk together, while men DO things together. The trailer below shows the two men doing a lot of activities together, thus forming their friendship, or chumship.

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