Although the U.S. workforce is becoming increasingly diverse, white men fill most top management positions. Women have moved up in the hierarchy of the workplace, but often find themselves unable to move to the very highest positions. The Glass Ceiling is an invisible barrier that hinders women from reaching the top merely because they are women.

A good example of the Glass Ceiling is subtle, but evident, in the Fox television series “Lie to Me.” The main character is Dr. Lightman, a man who runs a business that detects lies. His partner is Dr. Foster, a very intelligent and business-like female. Although both are important in the business, Dr. Lightman is the CEO and Dr. Foster has no place to move up in the ladder at that corporation. She has hit the glass ceiling and reached the highest she can go. Although the television show portrays her as one of the main lie detectors, she does not own the organization, which promotes the idea that white men still are at the top of the hiearchy.

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