When a relationship between two people begins to deteriorate, it enters the circumscribing stage. This is when they begin to limit the amount and quality of communication with each other (Gamble, p.171). They reveal less and less about how they feel about each other and revert back to what it was like in the more superficial stages of their relationship. Since they’ve started withdrawing physically and mentally from the relationship, they begin to lose interest in it all together.

In the movie The Wedding Planner, the character “Steve Edison” is getting married to “Fran Donolly.” Throughout the movie, the couple does not spend much time together and obviously have very little in common. Steve finds himself falling for the wedding planner because they have a better connection than his with Fran, causing him to lose interest in his fiance. At the same time, Fran realizes that their relationship has become surfacey as she spends a lot of time away from Steve and they don’t have much to talk about. The clip from the movie that is below shows Steve and Fran realizing that they have hit the circumscribing stage, where their quality of communication has diminished.

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