Women form friendships with women for very different reasons than why men form friendships with men. Women want a strong connection and ability to trust and confide in their female friends. Talking is central to their relationships because self-disclosure draws them closer to one another. When men form friendships with eachother, they don’t need to converse often in order to feel emotionally close. Instead, men look for friends who enjoy the same activities as they do. This does not mean that female friendships are better than male friendships; it simply means that females tend to become more attached to their friends due to the emotional intensity involved.

A popular television series that portrays female friendships is “The Hills” on MTV. This reality show revolves around the lives of a small circle of female friends who live in Los Angeles, CA. These girls have a lot of conversations about their personal lives with each other and openly talk about the importance of their friendships. In the clip below, Heidi and Lauren are talking about how they find it important for friends to talk with each other a lot. Lauren is upset that Heidi hasn’t confided in her recently and thus they seem to be drifting apart. This exemplifies how women consider confiding and verbally connecting an important aspect of friendship, while men would not feel the same way.

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